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Last-minute Ideas for the Holidays: Save Animals With Your Gift!

We’re just five days away from Christmas! Do you have all the presents ready?

If you’re still looking for a nice gift, we have some last-minute ideas to make any animal lover happy. You can become a wildlife hero this holiday season! 

Christmas is a time of giving. What better way to commemorate this than giving animals a second chance with your gift? You can support Toucan Rescue Ranch and help wildlife by getting these presents for your loved ones: 

  1. Get a gift card

Gift cards are easy to give your family or friends a change-maker present. You can choose how much you want to put in the gift card and send it anywhere in the world digitally. Gift cards can buy adoption packages and tours, even virtual ones! 

About our adoption packages: 

By symbolically adopting, you’re getting exclusive content while helping us care for the animals at our sanctuary. We have two types of adoption packages: 

You will be contributing to your adopted species’ ongoing food and care for three months while also getting an adoption package with exclusive content. 

With this adoption, you will provide food and care for your favorite character at TRR for 1-year! You will also get exclusive content; a personalized certificate, a special shout-out on our social media, and a 15-minute Skype where you will meet your adopted animal and learn their story! 

About the tours: 

See and learn about the incredible residents we have at our rescue center! Sloths, toucans, macaws, otters, and many more! We offer a variety of onsite and virtual tours where you will have an educational walk through our sanctuary.  

Learn more!

  1. Get exclusive merchandise from our online store!

We have partnered with other companies to offer many products like clothes, art, and accessories. You will find Toucan Rescue Ranch merchandise and many other cute animal-theme products! 

How would these gifts help wildlife?

Purchasing gifts will support an organization working to rescue, rehabilitate, and rewild Costa Rica’s wildlife. The proceeds will help cover the cost of food, medical treatments, enrichments, and general care for the animals that come to our rescue center! We take care of hundreds of animals every week and need all the help we can get! We are sure anyone who would get a present like this would be honored to be part of this mission.

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