Visit Costa Rica from Home! VIRTUAL TOURS

Enjoy Costa Rica’s Wildlife from wherever you’re in the world with Toucan Rescue Ranch

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing Costa Rica’s vast fauna and flora? This dream might be easier than you think! 

At Toucan Rescue Ranch, we offer a variety of virtual tours that can make your dream come true without leaving your home! Seeing and learning about animals like sloths, toucans and owls is just a click away! 

What to expect when booking a virtual tour with us? 

You will have an exclusive walk of our facilities while getting up-close live footage of our incredible residents. Our virtual tours assure an educational experience with a knowledgeable guide that will answer all your questions! 

What animals will you see?

On our virtual tours, you will have the opportunity to see all of the permanent residents at our sanctuary: owls, sloths, toucans, macaws, otters, ocelots, tayras, and more! Please let your guide know if you want more time with a particular species! You will be able to have a more detailed and broad experience with the animals of your choice. 

Why should you book a virtual tour?

Virtual tours are educational and fun! It is the perfect way to learn about incredible wildlife from wherever you are in the world.  You will get exclusive access to our rehabilitation areas, which you can get only through our virtual tours. You will also have the opportunity to see these animals up close and catch details that you wouldn’t be able to see in the wild. 

These tours will teach about the vast wildlife of Costa Rica, a country known for its incredible nature! Designed for all kinds of people, from wildlife enthusiasts to students and corporates!  You will enjoy this experience.

Choosing the perfect virtual tour for you

We offer different types of virtual tours, and you can choose the one that fits you best:

  1. Sloth Feature Virtual Tour 

Perfect for sloth lovers! With this virtual tour, you will experience our classic ranch walk and get exclusive access to our rehabilitation area, where you will see sloths preparing to go back to the wild. You will learn about our rewilding program for sloths and how we raise, take care of and release them in our rescue center. 

  1. Meet Baby Sloths Virtual Tour

This tour gives exclusive access to our nursery, where our baby sloths get fed! This is the perfect opportunity to meet our founder and learn everything about Toucan Rescue Ranch’s history and our sloth rehabilitation program. 

  1. Classic Ranch Virtual Tour

Our Classic Ranch Walk, where you will get to meet the permanent residents of our sanctuary. Learn about their rescue stories and incredible animal facts about the species at our ranch. 

  1. Classroom Tours

The perfect option for classrooms! This tour is specialized for students. Our knowledgeable guides will teach them about the natural history and stories of the animals in our sanctuary, focusing on actions and ways to protect wildlife. This experience is designed for all grade levels. 

This tour can be reserved via email.


Looking for a Christmas gift? 

You can purchase a gift card that can be used for our virtual tours! Allow your loved ones to experience Costa Rica’s wildlife from wherever they’re in the world. You’re also helping us take care of the animals at Toucan Rescue Ranch by getting a gift card. 

Dani Calvo is the marketing assistant at the Toucan Rescue Ranch. They studied Social Communication at Universidad de Costa Rica. Dani has a big passion for storytelling and social action, so working at the TRR has been a great opportunity to bring these together. As part of the Marketing Team, they support content creation, social media, crowdfunding, and internal/ external communication. 


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