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Sloth Loses His Hand After He Gets Caught In Barbed Wire 

You can help Randy through his recovery and rewilding journey by donating now.

We rescued Randy after one of our vet supervisors was contacted through social media about a sloth trapped on barbed wire. This poor sloth was in real trouble and had his hand severely wounded. So, we gathered our team and went to Cartago, Costa Rica, to respond to this emergency.

When we arrived, we realized that Randy had gotten his hand amputated with barbed wire. It looked like his hand was already necrotic, likely due to an old electrocution.

We rescued Randy from being entangled in the barbed wire and took him to our clinic. After a one-hour drive, he got to our headquarters safely! We did a general check-up, cleaned his wounds, and gave him IV fluids to stabilize him. Thankfully, surgery was not necessary.

Watch his rescue!

Randy’s Budget Breakdown:

TreatmentActivity/ SupplyCost / DayTreatment Total
Diagnostic ProcedureBloodwork$115$115
Diagnostic ProcedureX Rays$40$120
Pharmacologic TreatmentAnalgesic$7$98
Pharmacologic TreatmentAntibiotic$1$14
Pharmacologic TreatmentFluids$5$10
Clinic SuppliesAntiseptic, Gause.$4$128
Clinic SuppliesSyringes, IV Set, Gloves$1$60
Clinic TreatmentVeterinary Services$38$1140
HusbandryHusbandry Supplies (Heating pad, Kennel, Blankets)$1$55
HusbandryDiet (Leaves, Beans, and Carrots)$1$60


As the number of patients at our clinic increases, we would like to ask you to support us.

You can help Randy through his recovery and rewilding journey by donating now. With your help, we would be able to cover the costs of his medical expenses and general care while he stays at our rescue center.

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