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Sloth Suffers Spine Damage After He Falls From an Electric Lamp Post

Joey is a two-fingered sloth that suffered from a terrible accident.

Joey’s journey began when he tragically fell from an electric lamp post onto the cement. Sadly, this devastating incident resulted in severe injuries. Due to electric burn wounds, our Vet Team had to amputate his right arm. In addition to his amputation, Joey suffered spine damage from the fall, impairing his ability to use his hind limbs properly. However, amidst these difficulties, Joey has shown remarkable resilience and determination. Each day, he has steadily improved and made strides toward recovery.

Our exceptional veterinary team has provided Joey with the utmost care and attention. Joey underwent diagnostic tests to monitor his injuries, including X-rays, ultrasounds, and a CT scan. These assessments have allowed us to track his progress and tailor his treatment plan accordingly closely.

Although Joey’s road to rehabilitation will be lengthy, we are committed to supporting him every step of the way. We aim to provide Joey with the necessary care, medical treatments, and therapies until he regains the strength and mobility needed to return to the wild, where he truly belongs.

JOEY’s Budget Breakdown:

TreatmentActivity/ SupplyCost / DayTreatment Total
Surgical treatmentSurgery$322$322
Diagnostic ProcedureUltrasound$100$100
Diagnostic ProcedureCT Scan$380$380
Diagnostic ProcedureX Rays$69$138
Pharmacologic TreatmentAnalgesic$2$40
Pharmacologic TreatmentAntibiotic$1$15
Pharmacologic TreatmentFluids$5$15
Clinic SuppliesAntiseptic, Gause$1$60
Clinic SuppliesSyringes, IV Set, Gloves$1$60
HusbandryHusbandry Supplies (Heating pad, Kennel, Blankets)$1$60
HusbandryDiet (Leaves, Beans and Carrots)$1$60


We need your support to make Joey’s journey successful. Your contributions will directly impact Joey’s rehabilitation, covering his ongoing medical expenses, specialized treatments, and personalized care.

Together, we can give him the hope, care, and support he needs to overcome his challenges and thrive again in his natural habitat. Please donate today and help us ensure that Joey’s spirit remains unbroken. Let’s rally together and empower this incredible sloth to reclaim his rightful place in the wild. Together, we can make a difference in Joey’s life and inspire others with the power of resilience and compassion.

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