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Meet this year’s CFA Finalists!

Toucan Rescue Ranch’s Annual Call for Artists fundraiser was a HUGE success! This contest and fundraiser has been an incredible journey, uniting creatives from around the globe to celebrate nature’s beauty and support our vital wildlife conservation efforts. 

With the support of 185 incredible donors, we not only achieved our goal of raising $7,500 to cover three months of our WildMed Fund but exceeded expectations, raising $12,779! These funds will now cover five months of the WildMed fund! We are immensely grateful for our donors’ and artists’ overwhelming support and generosity. YOUR contributions will directly benefit the medical care and rehabilitation efforts of dozens of injured and sick wildlife. 

This year’s competition brought together a remarkable cohort of 67 artists hailing from 17 countries, showcasing a wide range of perspectives and ages ranging from 7 to 77. Let’s get to know more about our three finalists!

1. Artist of the Year: Emma Jacquelyn

With an impressive 1697.54 points, “Serena” claimed the well-deserved title of this year’s contest winner. Emma is a 28 years old artist from Minnesota. Inspired by the two-fingered sloth, Serena, who went through the Saving Sloths Together program at Toucan Rescue Ranch, Emma beautifully captures the essence of this beloved two-fingered sloth. 

“This painting is of the lovely two-fingered sloth, Serena! I was lucky to meet and photograph this young sloth while she was rehabilitating and going through the Saving Sloths Together program at Toucan Rescue Ranch. The work they do for wildlife, like Serena here, is incredible!”

IG: @DesertRainDesign

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2. Runner-Up Artist of the Year: Anthony Velazquez

Anthony’s artwork “One Earth, One Home” garnered 1563.53 points, securing its place as the Runner Up in this year’s contest. Anthony is a 21 years old artist from Chicago. Through his art, Anthony beautifully conveys the interconnectedness of all living beings and the urgency to protect our planet. 

“The purpose of my piece was to encompass the idea that these animals are some of the core reasons our Earth holds so much beauty. The way they nurture the Earth in their everyday life is important. I made sure to capture this by showcasing the four of them “hugging” the planet, almost as if they are protecting it. The other message behind the art can be alluded to the setting of space. We only have one planet, and we need to do everything we can possibly do to take care of it. Once you take a step back a realize that this is all we have, the objective becomes a lot clearer.”


3. Third Place Artist: Gabriela Vera

 With 1498.53 votes, “Nurturing Our Planet by Taking Care of its Injured” serves as a poignant reminder that even the youngest among us hold the power to advocate for positive change. Gabriela is a 14 years old artist from Puerto Rico. Her piece powerfully encapsulates the heart of our cause – healing and protecting our planet’s wounded creatures. 

“I have wanted to be a veterinarian ever since I was little, so, for me, nurturing our planet means taking care of our wildlife by making sure they’re healthy.”

We applaud all the artists who participated in the 2023 Call For Artists contest and extend our heartfelt gratitude for helping us raise awareness and funds for our vital wildlife conservation efforts. The Call For Artists contest has not only brought together artists of all ages and corners of the world but has also ignited a spark of compassion that will continue to shine brightly.

The WildMed Fund has grown stronger and more impactful with your unwavering dedication. Thank you to all the artists who participated, the donors who made it possible, and the wildlife that inspire us all!

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