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Sloths Compete for the Gold! Everything you need to know about the 7th Annual Sloth Ironman Games!

The day we have been waiting for is almost here! This October 20, we’ll celebrate International Sloth Day with the 7th Annual Sloth Ironman Games. We couldn’t be more excited to commemorate this day with another edition of the games, mainly because this fundraiser is a BIG way we fund our sloth program.

For those new to this event: The Sloth Ironman Games is a fundraiser created to support our rehabilitation and rewilding program, Saving Sloths Together. We have carried out this event for seven years and have always ensured each year is better than the last. We are sure this is our best edition so far! Celebrating the seventh year,  our goal for this is to raise $7,000 for sloth conservation!

We know we share with you our love for sloths. We are so excited for you to watch it and participate in this year’s fundraiser! We can assure you that it is a funny, adorable, and exhilarating experience. And what best way to help sloths than donating to this campaign? All the proceeds will go directly to the care of baby sloths and their rehabilitation program, which is tax-deductible! 

The Game Schedule (starting at 1:00 PM Costa Rica time):

  • Oct 20: Sloth Athlete Reveal
  • Oct 21: 1-Meter Dash
  • Oct 22: Hibiscus Eat-Off
  • Oct 22: Half-Time Show
  • Oct 23: Strong Sloth Competition
  • Oct 24: Poop-Off Challenge
  • Oct 25: Championship Ceremony


Each donation is one vote toward your favorite sloth! So a $1 donation is one extra point for your favorite slothlete


  • 100-points for 1st place
  • 75-points for 2nd place
  • 50-points for 3rd pace
  • 25 points for 4th place
  • 0-points for disqualification

Get the exclusive merch and be a #1 fan!

Another way to donate is by buying our exclusive Sloth Ironman Games merch! You can choose from various styles and show devotion to the games and sloths! This limited edition merch will only be available until October 19, so hurry to get yours! 

Tune in on this International Sloth Day, October 20, at 1 p.m., for the Sloth Athlete Reveal, and watch the trailer now to get your excitement up! 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Everything that you will see the sloths doing is entirely natural and part of their everyday behavior. Our Vet Team is always present; everything filmed is part of their rehabilitation process and is meant to prepare them for their lives in the wild. 

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