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Orphan Raccoon Recovers from Traumatic Neck Injury

Meet Nick, a Common Raccoon who has had a challenging start to life.

Nick was found as an orphan, disoriented and alone, in the confines of someone’s home. Without a mother, this baby would not have survived long. 

Upon closer examination, our veterinary team discovered a gaping wound on Nick’s neck that encompassed half the total area, most likely the result of an animal bite. To save his life and kickstart the healing process, our Vet Team had to remove all the necrotic tissue around his neck. 

He is still very young, but Nick’s incredible courage and determination every step of the way are inspiring to us all. Our dedicated team cleans and treats his wound daily to ensure it heals, and thankfully, it is getting better and better with time. He is also undergoing treatment for a mild ocular condition. Once he is old enough, we hope to get him back to his wild home. 

Nick’s Budget Breakdown:

TreatmentActivity/ SupplyCost / DayTreatment Total
Surgical treatmentAnesthesia$50$150
Physical TreatmentWound management
(Wound Dressings)
Diagnostic ProcedureBloodwork$150$150
Diagnostic ProcedureX-Rays$40$80
Pharmacologic TreatmentAnalgesic/ Antibiotic$1$10
Clinic SuppliesAntiseptic, Gause$1$21
Clinic SuppliesSyringes, IV Set, Gloves$1$22
Clinic TreatmentVeterinary Services$38$190
HusbandryHusbandry Supplies
(Feeding, Housing, etc)


For now, he is still receiving daily medical treatment and will need time to heal and grow. We need your support to provide him with food, regular checkups, and a safe place to learn how to be a wild raccoon. Your contribution to Nick’s Cuddly Campaign will ensure he continues to receive the specialized attention and treatment he needs for a bright and hopeful future.  

Help us reach our goal and provide little Nick with the best care!

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