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Call for Artists 2024 Artwork Gallery

Call for Artists: Join Toucan Rescue Ranch’s “Keeping Costa Rica Wild” Fun-Raiser!

Since 2016, Toucan Rescue Ranch has hosted an annual art contest to raise funds for our amazing projects and programs. Thanks to the creativity and generosity of artists like you, we’ve bought new medical equipment, provided our COVID-19-pandemic relief fund, built pre-release enclosures, and even created an education center!

This year, we’re back with a bang and a brand new theme: “Keeping Costa Rica Wild”! We’re inviting artists from all over the world to join us in celebrating and protecting the incredible wildlife of Costa Rica. 

🎨FOR DONORS: Voting for Artwork

To VOTE for a submission 💸 $1.00 donated = 1 VOTE 

  • Include the name of the artwork you are voting for when checking out here
  • Donations MUST be made on this page
  • The artwork that receives the MOST VOTES by the end of the voting period ⌛July 5 at 7:00 p.m. Costa Rican Time, 9 pm EST, is the WINNER!

Your donation is manually updated on the SCOREBOARD & UPDATES. You will get a confirmation email from [email protected].

🖌️FOR ARTISTS: Submitting Artwork 

  1. You may only submit ONE (1) piece of artwork.
  2. The submission period ENDS June 18, 2024 – We encourage early submissions for more votes towards your artwork.
  3. The artwork must follow the theme of “KEEPING COSTA RICA WILD.”
  4. This year, there will be one category, combining young and older artists from all over the world to compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!
  5. If you are under 18, you will need permission from a parent or guardian to submit your artwork.
  6. Only artwork submitted through the official submission form will be considered for this contest.
  7. 🚫No photography will be accepted as art submissions.  We have a separate campaign for photography, so follow us on social media to learn more about #TRRShareYourShot!
  8. No Artificial Intelligence (AI) Art, sorry  
  9. Only original artwork will be accepted. Please do not plagiarize. If it is brought to our attention that your submission is not original or without permission we will have to remove your submission from Call for Artists.  

Keeping Costa Rica Wild Artwork Gallery:

Artist: Émi Lessard | Title: Honduran White Bat
Medium: Crochet | Age 21 | From: Montréal, Canada

Inspiration: I love animals so much, all of them and I discovered crochet some years ago, so I started to crochet a lot of animals! I especialy like to crochet animals that people usually don’t like (like insects, bats, snake, rat) because all animals are wonderful and none of them deserve to be hated like that.

Follow the artist: @drasselime

Artist: Sharon Baker | Costa Rica Fish Heaven
Medium: Acrylic Collage | Age 70 | From:
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina USA

Inspiration: Snorkeling the beautiful Costa Rica reefs, I came face to face, eye to eye with exquisite fish! Rainbow colors of blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink… so vibrant I just had to create this lavish lush acrylic painting. Please enjoy it with me. We must protect all the reefs and marine life of Costa Rica and Planet Earth.

Follow the artist: https://bit.ly/SharonBarker

Artist: Persia Squires | Night Owls
Medium: Digital illustration | Age 21 | From: Chesterfield, United Kingdom

Inspiration: This piece is inspired by the wildlife around us that comes alive at night, especially those animals we rarely see during the day; like owls. This piece features ‘smores’ the spectacled owl.

Follow the artist: @pxr.sxq.illustrations

Artist: Emma Garrett | Maya the Baby Ocelot
Medium: Digital illustration | Age 21 | From:
United Kingdom

Inspiration: I thought maya the baby ocelot was the sweetest thing ever, so wanted to capture her sweet spirit, i chose light colours and pretty flowers that i felt represented how cute she is! I chose hibiscus flowers as they are found in costa rica.

Follow the artist: @eemmaaart

Artist: Lizz Rennie | Blue Jeans Poison Frog
Watercolour and black ink pen | Age 52 | From: Scotland, United Kingdom

Inspiration: Tiny creatures are just as important. These small colourful amphibians sometimes get overlooked. Thought I would highlight them. And I loved the name of this one. I kept this drawing tiny, by using a 2 inch square square.

Follow the artist: @lizzrenn

Artist: Naomi Lownds | Costa Rican Frog
Digital drawing | Age 27 | From: Cheshire, United Kingdom

Inspiration: This digital drawing was inspired by a frog I spotted on a night walk in Monteverde Costa Rica.

Follow the artist: @naomilownds_design

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