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Donate Amazon Wish List Items to Toucan Rescue Ranch!

Want an easy and fun way to help Toucan Rescue Ranch?! Consider shopping with our Amazon Wish List! This wishlist is a comprehensive list of items for every team at Toucan Rescue Ranch!

Many of the products you will find on this list are either too expensive in Costa Rica or too difficult to purchase. We really appreciate your help and generosity when purchasing items from this list! In our wish list, you will find fuzzy blankets you can donate to help keep orphaned baby animals warm, syringes to feed animals formula, bird feed, animal enrichment toys to animals happy and busy, administrative items that help managers and teams be more organized, trail cameras for research, incubators to keep animals warm, scales to weigh animals in our wildlife clinic, and many other items that really help Toucan Rescue Ranch ensure quality care!

Most of the items have a ‘priority‘ and ‘quantity‘ labeled on the item so you know how much has already been donated and how badly we need it! Unfortunately, you can not directly ship most items to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. However, you can purchase and bring donations when you come to visit us. 

Please make sure to use Amazon Smile when you purchase the items and Amazon will donate .05% of your total order.

Shipping options include: 

  1. DHL the items 
  2. Bring with you during your visit to Costa Rica
  3. Send to our Costa Rica address, if applicable
  4. Send to our U.S. Nonprofit address, linked to our Amazon account 


Terrie Velasquez Toucan Rescue Ranch 8233 Eaglenest Road, Sparks, NV 89436 USA  


Toucan Rescue Ranch 700 Norte. 200 Este de la Iglesia de San Josecito de San Isidro de Heredia San Isidro, Heredia 40602 Costa Rica 


Tax-deductible: A US Non-Profit organization EIN: 80-0516453 A Costa Rican Foundation #:300667701803

Thank you so much! All teams send a HUGE THANK YOU! 

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