Monkey Day

On December 14th, we celebrate Monkey Day, dedicated to the captivating world of primates that grace our planet. Monkeys, with their diverse species, play pivotal roles in our ecosystems, enriching biodiversity and maintaining the health of our forests. At Toucan Rescue Ranch, we hold a special affinity for these remarkable beings, providing them with care and unwavering dedication.

While we appreciate all monkey species, our focus and heart lie with the enchanting spider monkeys and the resonating howler monkeys. These incredible creatures are central to our mission, representing some of the most iconic and vulnerable species in Costa Rica’s biodiversity tapestry. We are dedicated to their protection, rehabilitation, and the preservation of their natural habitats.

Support our Saving Howler Monkeys Together for World Monkey Day!

Donating to the Saving Howler Monkeys Together Program supports our mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rewilding orphaned howler monkeys.