The Toucan Rescue Ranch is a rainforest wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release organization

A US Non-Profit organization EIN: 80-0516453     A Costa Rican Foundation:300667701803



To fulfill our mission, we work with a model that achieves the rescue of rainforest animals and conservation through education and research. As a charitable organization, we are supported through donations like yours. In giving, you can be sure that your financial support will directly promote the health and wellbeing of our rainforest rescued animals, to improve and secure the quality of their lives and the life of our planet. Your support helps us purchase the correct diets for our animals, pay for medical care, safe and appropriate housing and enclosures and for staffing who provide our rescues animals with quality care.


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Join the Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR) and Riverside Pizzeria for a fun night filled with live music, food, an auction and more! This event is to help raise money for the Toucan Rescue Ranch’s Education Center. The Education Center will provide a space where the community, ecotourists and professionals alike can learn about the Toucan Rescue Ranch and Costa Rica’s incredible wildlife. A large part of TRR’s mission is to education the public about the importance of our rainforests and ways we can protect it. With this facility we will be able to better carry out our mission and see that we create a better tomorrow for our wildlife!

Pre-purchase your ticket today and help us build a brighter future for the rainforest! (Make sure to bring warm layers for the event.)

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