Hoffman’s Two-Toed Sloth

Meet Millie. She arrived late one afternoon in 2007 as a tiny one-week old baby. Her mother had died, she was found by park rangers. When they dropped her off it was with a special warning, “Don’t get too attached to her since she will probably die.” Well, that made us very nervous. Then talking with others, they had the same warning, “Sloths are very hard to take care of, she will probably die.” Well, one thing lead to another and we found a great sloth vet who comes to visit. We set up a very intricate plan for Millie and years later and many sleepless nights (they‘re nocturnal) Millie has become the oldest sloth on the Ranch. Her name is short for Milagro, Miracle, Millie is now the subject of a book we’ve published; Millie, the two-toed sloth: A Costa Rican rescue adventure. Millie has a huge following on YouTube as well and is our sloth ambassador for our education program.

 Millie is up for ADOPTION.


Hoffman’s Two-Toed Sloth

Meet Stella. She came in from a road stop. MINAE sets up road blocks to inspect cars for contraband, and they found little Stella poached away from her mother in the trunk of this man’s car.  Totally against the law to take wild animals from the forest. For Stella it was a painful ordeal and when they took her out of the tree, or away from her mother they unfortunately pulled her legs and for several days she was unable to even move.  With walking and climbing therapy she is doing really well and completely rehabilitated.

Stella is up for ADOPTION.


Three-Toed Sloth

Meet Marley. Marley arrived at the Ranch in 2014. He was smaller than our other Three-Toed Sloth, Bella, and weighed only 415 grams. Marley was brought to the Ranch as an orphan because his mom was killed by hunters. It was unlikely that Marley would survive at his age and size in the wild. Fortunately, he was brought the Ranch and raised in our care. He has continued to build a strong relationship with Bella. He also loves munching on leaves and playing on the sloth jungle gym with Bella.

Marley is up for ADOPTION.




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