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4 Reasons You Should Love Sloths

Sloths look adorable, fluffy, and slow, but there is way more to these incredible animals than pop culture gives them credit. Did you know that the three-fingered sloth looks like it is smiling because it literally lacks facial muscles to make any other expression? Or that the two-fingered sloth’s iconic pig-like nose is important because they are olfactory animals. However, sloths are way more interesting than just a ball of fur and a cute smile! Let’s dig into four reasons why you should love sloths!

They are home to dozens of organisms!

Sloths are home to many organisms like insects, algae, beetles, mites, and moths! These animals grow an ecosystem on their bodies and provide a space for insects to flourish in their thick hair. Did you know they are home to algae that help them camouflage and hide from predators? There are current studies looking into the importance of their algae. Scientists are discovered that the sloths’ fur may have medicinal properties. Now, that’s a body that serves multiple purposes!

They are stubborn

Don’t be lazy, be stubborn like a sloth! 

These animals are known as mammals with the slowest metabolism in the world, but let’s not forget that they can be determined, too. When a sloth aims for something, it will not rest. Maybe that’s just one characteristic that makes them great. We as humans should learn to be like a sloth and work toward accomplishing our life goals, exactly like a sloth does when they are looking for that delicious fresh leaf!

They are great swimmers 

Most people don’t know this, but sloths can swim!

When a sloth needs to move long distances but has a flooded forest floor, it can get to where it’s heading by swimming. The sloth can hold its breath underwater. Did we mention they increase their speed when in water? That’s right, they move quickly when doing the sloth paddle! Not to mention they move fast to defend themselves! You never want to be on the receiving side of an angry sloth swipe. Humans may think that they are lazy and slow but if you see a sloth swimming, angry, or looking for a mate, your mind will quickly be changed.

They do more with less

They can function with minimal energy! 

These animals are capable of swimming, climbing trees, mating, giving birth, fighting, foraging, and much more, all while climbing or hanging from the rainforest canopy. Sloths have a low-calorie diet which contributes to their slow movements. Usually, they eat leaves that don’t have great nutrients, but with their multichambered stomach, they are able to digest their hard-leafy diet, but slowly, of course! The sloth’s metabolism is what has reigned them the slowest mammal on Earth! So, you can imagine they are great at saving energy and using it when they need it the most. This could be why most people think they are lazy, but really, they are outsmarting us all by not wasting precious energy on unnecessary matters. Perhaps, that’s another lesson we could learn from sloths – to take it easy and not waste our energy on things out of our control.

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