The Sloth Journals

Ringo, Male Two-Fingered Sloth

Age: At least 7 months
Current Weight: 1.1 kg
Place of Origin: Puriscal
Nicknames: Sonic, Wristwatch, Sniffles
Special Talents: Clinging to his caretakers, casually doing the splits

Ringo is one of the youngest sloths in the high school group. He frequently hangs on to Latte while happily watching over the other sloths as she navigates through the climbing frame. As a youngster, Ringo used to be scared of everything, nervously sniffling when isolated from his larger friends or when being picked up by one of the nannies. In fact, Ringo’s caretakers can attach him onto any part of their body and walk around as if baby sloths were the latest fashion accessory. Now, Ringo’s caretakers speculate that he may be going through sloth puberty. Ringo seems to regularly pick fights with the other sloth kids on the chairs, biting whoever dares to wake him up or steal his spot on Latte. Ringo may not be the biggest of the high school kids, but his resemblance to a hedgehog could land him a gig digging around in soil looking for earthworms.
You can symbolically adopt Ringo and his pals by visiting our Adoption Program! Happy #SlothSunday!  
By intern Ana Maria 

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