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Oatmeal the Sloth Explains 6 Ways to Support Toucan Rescue Ranch

The picture above is of Oatmeal. Oatmeal is a young two-fingered sloth who survived critical electrocution burns from power lines. She has been in our care since November 15, 2019, capturing hearts all over the world because of her story of HOPE. When Oatmeal first arrived, we were worried she might not survive. Her condition and her age made our veterinarian team believe that there was little chance of her recovering from her injuries…

Fast forward five months and Oatmeal has gained mobility in her right arm, which went through orthopedic surgery and had the potential of being amputated if it did not heal properly. Her belly was completely burnt, and now we are starting to see fur grow back along with her arms, chest, and nose. All areas are now healing.  

Oatmeal is one tough cookie and a friendly reminder that adversity can make us stronger. She is just a little sloth with a lot of character who instills the feelings of hope, courage, and a better tomorrow for all of us at Toucan Rescue Ranch. 

That’s why all of us at TRR are hopeful. We know that the unforeseen months are going to be exceptionally challenging – but WE will get through it, just like Oatmeal and the hundreds of other animals before her have. But, we cannot do it without YOU. Without the support, compassion, and love of all of our supporters. Toucan Rescue Ranch receives no government funding and solely depends on charitable donations to operate – so please consider us so we can continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and release wildlife.

That’s why Toucan Rescue Ranch has compiled 6 ways you can help us during these difficult times:

  1. Donate a few dollars to our cause 
  2. Donate some Amazon Wishlist items 
  3. Symbolically adopt a species or character at Toucan Rescue Ranch 
  4. Join the $2 for Toucan Club on Venmo 
  5. Have a birthday coming up? Initiate your own fundraising campaign on Facebook or other crowdfunding sites!
  6. Join us for a virtual tour – email [email protected] to get started

Stay strong. Stay loving. Stay hopeful. 

Learn more by emailing [email protected]

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