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Save a Sloth, Go Solar!

Toucan Rescue Ranch has made a huge sustainable improvement moving into 2020: going solar! The Toucan Rescue Ranch has been working with a company called Avolta. Avolta professionals have experience installing more than 10 Megawatts of power generation capacity across large-scale, industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential projects. They use solutions built around world-class German technology and Avolta is part-owned by the Demain Foundation in the USA. With Toucan Rescue Ranch’s set-up, the system has 36 panels totaling a capacity of 11.7 kW!

The inspiration behind TRR going solar is simple: become a leader in sustainable energy while saving lives. Electrical power lines are one of the main drivers of injury for canopy dwelling wildlife. Annually, the Toucan Rescue Ranch receives dozens of animals who suffer from critical third-degree burns from using dangerous, live power lines as a means of crossing fragmented habitat. This too often results in sloths, monkeys, and other wildlife suffering injuries that require serious procedures, such as cell regenerative treatment, and sometimes amputation of necrotic limbs.

As ambassadors for wildlife, Toucan Rescue Ranch wanted to make a change that impacted not only the animals we rescue but also allows for a greener 2020. This is why we have coined the expression, “Save a sloth, go solar.” This tagline goes beyond just sloths but applies to all of the incredible wildlife that is injured due to unsafe manmade infrastructures, such as transformers and power lines.

By going solar, the center can look forward to a future that will reduce its impact on the environment by lowering its consumption of nonrenewable energy. TRR will be able to lessen its energy bill, which will result in the reallocation of funds to help more animals for decades to come! We are so excited about this improvement! We hope you get a little inspired and look into taking steps to #saveaslothgosolar! 

Learn more at avoltaenergy.com

(A special mention to Sue Fairbanks & Jim Huff for helping us get this project a boost with their donation!)  

Oatmeal, an electrocution victim, climbs with her healing arm.

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