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The Story of Chucky: Preserving wildlife together on this World Wildlife Day

Today is World Wildlife Day, and to celebrate, we want to talk about a very special rescue story. A story that reminds us why wildlife is so important, and why we should always care. 

To begin this wildlife rescue story for World Wildlife Day, we want to remind those who want to do good, can. And when it comes to wildlife, sometimes it truly takes a village! 

Introducing the inspiring story of Chucky, a Mexican Hairy Porcupine. Chucky lived in a tree with his family until one day, he was sadly attacked by a dog. Typically, dogs start as curious bystanders, but sadly, their curiosity gets the best of them, resulting in disputes with animals such as Chucky. Luckily, a neighbor nearby was able to rescue Chucky and, alongside his son, contacted Dr. Irene Villalobos. Dr. Villalobos is a long-time friend of Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR) and has worked with us for many years. 

She noticed that his injuries involved deep bite wounds from the dog and ulcers in his eyes. She started his treatment and decided to contact Toucan Rescue Ranch to get a second opinion. Our Animal Care Coordinator, Dr. Janet Sandi, and the ophthalmologist, Dr. Isabel Salas, both worked on Chucky alongside the vet staff at TRR. His recovery plan consisted of tilapia skin regenerative treatment and eye medication. 

All of Chucky’s treatment involved some sort of donation, one way or another. The rescuers donated the eye drops, another vet donated the anesthesia for his treatment, and another doctor donated plasma. In other words, this community of veterinarians all worked on his case for free, and of course, so did Toucan Rescue Ranch! 

After a few weeks, and thanks to all of us working together, Chucky was able to return #backinthetrees and be reunited with his pokey family! Everyone involved is extremely pleased with the amazing recovery of Chucky, and we are all very happy to save him!

Chucky’s story reminds us that wildlife conservation can sometimes be about one animal at a time, because every life matters, and every rescue makes a difference. This story is definitely a lesson that together, we can do anything we set our minds to!

And to that, we say Happy World Wildlife Day!

Chucky’s release!

About the author: Mariana Diaz, born and raised in Costa Rica, has been part of the Marketing Team at Toucan Rescue Ranch since late 2020. With a background in Media for Development and Social Change, Social Work, and Graphic Design, she supports communications and all things media!

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