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Support the fundraiser #TRRShareYourShot 2023 and help TRR to be more accessible!

Learn more about this fundraiser event that combines photography and philanthropy together!

My name is Maria, and I’m the marketing intern at Toucan Rescue Ranch; this is my legacy project. I’m very passionate about conservation, and I believe it is very important to leave things betters then we found them. So this is what this project is about; the Ranch needs help to be more accessible. With this fundraiser, we can build an accessible pathway around the sanctuary and provide educational signs for our educational program. 

TRR Share Your Shot is a contest that brings photography and philanthropy together. By supporting this campaign, you are helping us to be more accessible to people with different needs. We need to build a wheelchair-accessible pathway and educational signs for all the species in the sanctuary with QR codes with the information and sound of the animals for people with visual impairments.

This campaign, #TRRShareYourShot: The Beauty of Nature, consists of people submitting their photographs in a competition where everybody can vote. Our wildlife photography contest submissions have closed on April 12 at 11:59 pm Costa Rica time. However, you can still vote (donate) for other photos that have been entered or donate to our cause. You can do either of those things on our  #TRRShareYourShot: The Beauty of Nature page here.

We have till April 29th to accomplish the goal and call this fundraiser a success; with your support, we can implement our plan to be more accessible for people with different needs and continue educating about wildlife conservation. 


Check out all the subsmisions on our Photo Gallery thorugh the #TRRShareYourShot officila campaign page or our social media: Instagram or Facebook.

We have a few days to finish the campaign and are still short of reaching the goal. Be part of this unique project and support wildlife conservation by donating and sharing!

Buy Limited Edition Merchandise for #TRRShareYourShot

To support the Share Your Shot fundraiser, we are releasing a one-time limited edition merchandise to buy. Every shirt that you buy goes toward the fundraiser; we need to raise $15,000 to build a wheelchair-accessible pathway and educational signs.

Buy it before April 25th!

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