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3 Reasons You Should Come for a Tour

Are you looking for something to do on the weekend? Want to do something new? Do you want to take your family somewhere fun and also educational: Toucan Rescue Ranch is the perfect visit for you and your family!

We can give you so many reasons why you should come for a tour, but we are going to break it down into three reasons that you can’t resist! 

1. Tours are fun and educational

What is the difference between taking an educational walk at a sanctuary versus a zoo? 

We are a rescue center and a sanctuary for wildlife which is different from a zoo. We receive wildlife because they were rescued from various incidents. Our goal is to rehabilitate them and reintroduce animals back into the wild. This is different from a zoo because all wildlife in our care comes from the wild. Any animal that is considered unfit for a successful life in the wild is given a forever home in our sanctuary.

As a nonprofit and foundation, we are fully funded by charitable donations! When you come to visit for an educational walk, you are supporting this mission. All visits are interactive (but hands-off) and offer various tours, which you can choose – Book here!

If you love sloths, The Slothies & Coffees educational walk is the one for you! In The Classic Ranch Walk, you will walk the sanctuary with your guide while they show you different species that live at the Ranch. Maybe you are more of an amphibian person and nocturnal like an owl, The Nocturnal Walk could be the perfect visit for you! 

Not only are you going to have the experience of a lifetime seeing beautiful animals you thought you would never see otherwise, but you will learn while having fun with your guide.

Or perhaps, would you like to have a private tour? That is possible as well with Private Tours.

If you can’t come to Toucan Rescue Ranch,  join a live virtual tour and see wildlife from the comfort of your home! 

Just a click away:

If a couple of hours at our Sanctuary is not enough for you, come stay with us for the Ranch Experience! you can stay for one or two nights!

We promise it will be the highlight of your trip to Costa Rica! 

2. Beautiful Wildlife 

Their unforgettable personalities are something that is going to stick with you forever! You will get to see up close a wide variety of Costa Rican wildlife and learn about their natural history and personal stories as to why they ended up in our care. 

You will meet animals like the popular two-fingered sloths, different species of toucans, macaws, owls, wildcats, monkeys, and much more!

Keep in mind, that you won’t be able to pet or interact with any of the wildlife since it is illegal and we support the campaign #stopanimalselfies to educate people on ethical wildlife tourism. You will have a guided tour with our friendly and full-of-knowledge tour guides. Your visit will be supporting wildlife with your visit, which brings us to the next reason why… 

3. You’re helping directly conserve wildlife

Toucan Rescue Ranch is a non-profit organization. In order to continue our mission, we need your help.  By coming for a tour, you will be supporting wildlife conservation. So not only will you have a great time meeting the animals, you will be contributing to their care.

Helping wild animals to rehabilitate and go back to the wild is a long process that needs time and care.  In order to liberate an animal, we need to make sure it is in the best condition to survive by itself, sending them back to the wild.

By visiting you are rescuing animals and supporting their return to the wild.

We are located in the central valley, near San Jose. You won’t have to walk long distances in the sanctuary, there is always coffee, fresh juice, and fruits, and the weather is nice!

So what do you say? Have you booked a tour yet?!

Ready to book!

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About the writer: María Ureña is a born and raised Costa Rican. She has been an on-call tour guide for Toucan Rescue Ranch since 2022. Recently, María has become the Marketing Intern for Toucan Rescue Ranch where she will learn about copywriting, social media, and communication strategies. She is a student of marketing at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and has experience in community management and is a member of Guides and Scouts of Costa Rica.

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