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October is International Sloth Month! Join us for the 7th Annual Sloth Ironman Games!

It is that time of the year again: International Sloth Month and the Sloth Ironman Games!

October is finally around the corner, and as you might know, October is Sloth Month and also the month for our favorite event! We’re excited about this year’s Sloth Ironman Games and we can promise you that this will be our best season so far. This year is the first time we filmed the Games at our Release Site, in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica so it will be extra special!

Being our biggest and largest campaign, we wanted to make this year’s event better than ever. We will be raising $7,000 to celebrate 7 years of doing Sloth Ironman Games! Not only because we want to bring joy to you with those cute sloth faces, but also because we need your help more than ever. 

As we have mentioned before, the Sloth Ironman Games is a fundraiser campaign and the main goal is to support the sloths from our Saving Sloths Together Program. These sloths are baby orphans and most of the time, they come from a heartbreaking past. In our program, we take care of them and prepare them for their eventual rewilding, which can take up to two years. 

Why Do Sloths Need Help?

We know that sloths are popular. These special animals are all over the internet and especially all over here in Costa Rica. Ever since the sloth was declared a national symbol, it has become a huge representation of this remarkable country. And as expected, it has stolen the hearts of nationals, as you could see during the celebration of Costa Rica’s independence, being one of the most popular symbols present during September.

Sadly, even though these are extremely important animals in our country, they face many threats that need to be addressed, such as illegal wildlife trade, habitat loss, road accidents, and power line electrocutions. In the last month, we have experienced a large volume of power line electrocution cases in our rescue center and it‘s often one of the reasons a baby sloth ends up an orphan. And as you can imagine, taking care of a lot of baby sloths takes dedication and resources.

So, if you too are a sloth lover…what better way to help sloths than supporting a campaign for them? All proceeds go directly to their care and their rescue, rehabilitation, and rewilding program. 

Get ready for the best Sloth Ironman Games EVER!

Without further ado, here we have the schedule for the 7th Annual Sloth Ironman Games! Get ready to experience the most relaxing, fun, and funny event of the year and watch the slothletes give everything they got on the field. 

  • Oct 20: Sloth Athlete Reveal
  • Oct 21: 1-Meter Dash
  • Oct 22: Hibiscus Eat-Off
  • Oct 22: Half-Time Show
  • Oct 23: Strong Sloth Competition
  • Oct 24: Poop-Off Challenge
  • Oct 25: Championship Ceremony

Premiering every day at 1:00 PM Costa Rica time on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram!

Remember that you can support your favorite slothletes by donating! Each donation is 1 vote toward your favorite sloth! So a $1 donation is 1 extra point for your favorite slothlete

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Everything that you will see the sloths doing is completely natural and part of their everyday behavior. Our Vet Team is always present and everything filmed is part of their rehabilitation process and is meant to prepare them for their lives in the wild. 

New to the event? Watch last year’s Games to see what it’s all about and get excited about this year!

2021 Sloth Ironman Games

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