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Sloth Has Her Arm Amputated and Loses Her Baby to a Terrible Electrocution

Rihanna’s story is another example of how dreadful electrocution can be to sloths.

She was rescued in Aguas Zarcas, San Carlos, after she suffered from electrocution. When she arrived at our clinic, our vet team decided it was better to amputate one of her arms due to being severely burned.

When we receive female sloths, it is pretty common that they are either pregnant or carrying a baby. This was Rihanna’s case. After we did an ultrasound, we confirmed that she had a late pregnancy.

Sadly, despite having a good recovery, she lost her baby. We believe the electrocution led to the miscarriage since these kinds of incidents can cause severe burns, external injuries, and internal damage that can be very harmful.

Even though this was sad, we want to give Rihanna a second chance in the wild. We hope her recovery goes well and we can get her back home soon.

Rihannas’s Budget Breakdown:

TreatmentActivity/ SupplyCost / DayTreatment Total
Surgical treatmentSurgery$220$220
Diagnostic ProcedureUltrasound$50$150
Diagnostic ProcedureBloodwork$150$150
Pharmacologic TreatmentAnalgesic$2$20
Pharmacologic TreatmentAntibiotic$1$15
Pharmacologic TreatmentFluids$5$10
Clinic SuppliesAntiseptic, Gause$4$120
Clinic SuppliesSyringes, IV Set, Gloves$1$15
Clinic TreatmentVeterinary Services$38$1140
HusbandryHusbandry Supplies (Heating pad, Kennel, Blankets)$1$30
HusbandryDiet (Leaves, Beans and Carrots)$1$30


For now, we still have to ensure her wounds heal entirely and that she can adapt herself without an arm. We will monitor and care for her until she’s ready to be #backinthetrees.

We need your help covering Rihanna’s medical expenses and recovery process. Your donation will ensure she has a successful journey back into the wild!

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