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Baby Howler Monkey Recovers from Dog Attack

Loki is a baby howler monkey that is in a delicate state.

This baby was rescued after his mom was attacked by a dog and, sadly, passed away. He arrived at our rescue center covered in dirt, very weak, and dehydrated. He had a nosebleed and showed signs of head trauma. Upon arrival, he presented nystagmus and had seizures.

We could tell this fighter needed medical attention immediately. Luckily, he was rescued just in time. Our vet team put him on pain medications, anti-inflammatories, and IV fluids to help him feel better and treat his dehydration. We also got him clean and comfortable.

After a few days, Loki started with nasal discharge, which wasn’t a good sign. To treat him, the vet team started with antibiotics and nebulization. Thankfully, after one week, he improved, and his symptoms began to resolve.

Loki’s Budget Breakdown:

TreatmentActivity/ SupplyCost / DayTreatment Total
Clinic TreatmentVeterinary Services$20$600
Pharmacologic TreatmentNebulization$15$105
Pharmacologic TreatmentAnti-inflammatory$2$20
Pharmacologic TreatmentAnalgesic$7$49
Pharmacologic TreatmentAntibiotic$1$7
Pharmacologic TreatmentFluids$5$35
Clinic SuppliesAntiseptic, Gause$4$28
Clinic SuppliesSyringes, IV Set$1$7
Clinic SuppliesGloves, masks$1$150
HusbandryDiet (Nan Soya, probiotics, Pedialyte)$3$450


We need your help to cover all the expenses for Loki’s medical attention and recovery. This journey is just starting, and we will need many helping hands to keep caring for this baby. With your support, we can provide Loki with food, health check-ups, enrichment, and an ideal living environment while he stays with us.

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