Emma’s New Playground | Completed

The Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR) raised funds for Emma the Neotropical River Otter! You can view her full enclosure on our social media!

Enrichment is Key

Ensuring that all of our wildlife has proper housing and fun is an utmost priority at the Ranch.

Otters Just Wanna Have Fun

By helping us raise the money to build Emma a new habitat, she's been able to happily swim, run around and fish in her new home.


Emma's New Playground has allowed the Ranch to accommodate to more injured and orphaned otters!

Why does she need more space?

Neotropical River Otter as a species occupies a wide range of habitats. Most of these habitats consist of a den, essential vegetation and a place for swimming. This otter prefers clear and open rivers where they can hunt and stay active. In Costa Rica, the Neotropical River Otter is somewhat uncommon and females usually claim a territory of up to 50 miles of waterfront. 

Helping Future Otters!

By donating you’re not just helping one Neotropical River Otter, but future otters that suffer similar fates and need a home. MINAE is constantly dealing with cases regarding the illegal pet trade, black market trade, habitat loss, water contamination and other threats dealing with these rare mammals.

Who is Emma?

Emma is known as the Toucan Rescue Ranch’s ball of energy. She’s a Neotropical River Otter that grew up with the Ranch since she was a little girl. As a baby she was separated from her mother. The separation was caused by animal cruelty. Children were found throwing stones at Emma’s mother where she was unfortunately separated from her. Emma, who was too young to swim through the current to her mom, was left chirping at her dismay. Luckily, a courageous woman stepped in and took action against such cruelty. She quickly scolded the children who were throwing stones and snatched the orphaned otter and brought her to the police.

This fundraiser was a success! Please review our other projects and learn about different ways you can donate. To view the successful campaign you can click the DONATE NOW button.

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