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DIY Conservation Projects for Kids & Garden

Toucan Rescue Ranch is a non-profit organization that focuses on rehabilitation, rescue, and release of Costa Rican wildlife. Although wildlife rehab is our main goal we also focus on conservation and environmental education. Here are some ideas we have compiled for you and your kids to do in your home and help the environment!

For Your Garden

  • Compost: This is a technique where you use organic scraps from your kitchen and convert it to plant fertilizer. This is a great way to reduce the waste you send to landfills, reduce your carbon emissions, and create amazing fertilizer. You kids or students can learn about the carbon cycle, how organic matter decomposes, and how to reduce waste. To make compost you do not need a big garden or one at all!

Here Are Some Ideas:


There are many things you and your kids can do at home; crafts are one of them. It’s super fun and can teach them about the animals in the world! Here we give you some ideas, including origami and coloring figures.

  • Origami: This is perfect for kids and even adults who want to create figures of animals and many other things. You can use them to teach your kids or students about the animals of the world, what they eat, and where they live. We suggest using recycled paper, that way you are helping the environment and avoiding sending waste to the landfills. After you are done with the origami, you can compost it; no waste at all!

  • Coloring: Coloring books and images are also great to learn about animals. While your kid or students are coloring you can encourage them to ask questions about this animal-like, where do they live? What do they eat? How can we protect them?

Visit Toucan Rescue Ranch from Home: Virtual Tours

Toucan Rescue Ranch offers Virtual Tours designed for people of all ages, including students! We have different types of virtual tours but the ones we recommend for students are the Classroom: preschool-elementary and the Classroom: middle school – high school. These tours are designed for students who want to learn about animals and conservation from the comfort of their own home. A guide will be joining you and she or he will explain all about the animals we rescue and why they are here. Actions will be discussed on how to protect these animals, what you can do from home, and other actions you can take to protect your local and Costa Rican wildlife. Also, the tour includes a Q&A where the guide will ask the students questions and vice versa to create a more interactive and educational experience.

Thanks to your support we can rescue, rehabilitate, and release most of the animals we receive. Join us on a tour from the comfort of your home and support Costa Rican wildlife!


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