Why We Have Long-Term Residents

Not all rescued animals can be released. Juvenile or adult birds and animals that come to us with minor injuries receive medical treatment, care while they recuperate, and then are released back into their natural habitat. Ones that come as babies or with serious injuries require long-term and sometimes permanent care. All birds and animals are visited by our vet regularly.

The rescued birds and animals belong to Costa Rica. The wildlife ministry monitors our activities but they do not contribute financially.  As caretakers of this wildlife, we are responsible for the cost of their medical care and food. We do tours, rent out guesthouses, and do symbolic adoptions to raise money to care for the animals.

The Ranch rescues wildlife with the intention of releasing the animal back into its natural environment. If the Ranch has the capacity to completely rehabilitate the animal from its former injuries/condition, then, with permission from MINAE, we release that animal back into its habitat.

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