Release Program to get Animals #Backinthetrees

Released Wildlife & Wildlife Sightings with TRR

The Release Site

The release site is expanding and enabling the Ranch to release more wildlife! The Ranch has two properties, one parcel of 25 acres and another one measuring 16 acres where our farm house is located.  Here, we provide volunteer opportunities for zoology, biology, veterinary and other wildlife professions to gain hands-on-experience with releasing and monitoring wildlife. We also conduct  an education program for the local area to inform locals about the importance of keeping wildlife wild and the influence humans have on our ecosystems.

A Release Candidate VS. Permanent Residents

Release Candidate:

An animal that is brought to the Ranch with prior instincts and the knowledge of surviving in the wild is likely for release. Such cases are adult raptors, sloths and other birds that are brought in with minor injuries that can be treated and quickly released. Also, toucan offspring in our breeding program are release candidates. However, it is important to note that process of release depends on the collaborative agreement of Leslie, our veterinarian and MINAE on whether the animal is releasable.

Permanent Resident:

An animal that is brought to the Ranch with severe injuries that will prevent the animal from eating, hunting, climbing, flying, foraging or supporting itself independently in the wild. As well as offspring or orphans that have little to no prior knowledge gained from parental guidance for proper diet, habitat and behaviors. However, we do have an extensive Release Program for orphaned sloths, toucans, and raptors. Animals that have desensitized to human interaction are considered unfit for release. This is because that animal risks being captured and reintroduced into the black market as an illegal pet and could face animal neglect and abuse. 

Partnered with The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica

Saving Sloths Together

The Sloth Institute (TSI)’s vision is to expand scientific knowledge and education about the sloth to enhance their well-being and assure their conservation here and on this planet. 

The Sloth Institute’s 3 part mission:

1)  RESEARCH of captive and wild sloths.

2)  COLLABORATION with other institutions that work with sloths around the world.

3)  EDUCATION to generate and disseminate responsible and balanced information about sloths to the public.

In 2017 Toucan Rescue Ranch and The Sloth Institute came together to form Saving Sloths Together (SST), a Costa Rica wide project seeking to provide greater opportunity for sloths in need. By combining each organization’s skills and knowledge we are able to improve the process of sloth rescue, rehabilitation and release in Costa Rica.  This partnership utilizes scientific expertise, dedication, passion and decades of experience to provide the very best program for every sloth needing help at gaining a second chance at a life in the wild.