Medical Care

The Toucan Rescue Ranch has grown in our ability to take in sick and injured animals and provide inhouse care and rehabilitation. In 2013, the Ranch built a small onsite clinic where surgeries, quarantine and overall monitoring take place.

Every animal starts with an overall observation and/or quarantine period depending on its circumstance. Once a week our veterinarian comes to the Ranch and completes a full physical and a parasite check. These results determine the care and treatment of that particular bird or animal. Now, we are able to do nearly all of the primary procedures onsite. Such procedures include amputation, anesthesia, physicals, antibiotics, laceration stitching  and so forth.

Much of what medical care we provide on the Ranch would not be possible without the generous donations. Since our onsite clinic we have been donated: A microscope which allows us to do parasite checks; an anesthesia machine which allows us to perform surgeries on birds and other wildlife with ease; as well as bandages, antibiotics, surgery glue and other very important tools!

What Procedures We Perform

  • Anesthesia
  • Amputation
  • Parasitic Evaluation
  • Physicals
  • Stitching
  • Surgery
  • Biopsies
  • Emergency care

A Day in the Clinic

The day starts promptly at 7:30 a.m. with kennels lining the walls of the clinic, there’s animals to attend to. This involves cleaning their bedding, feeding and attending to each different species needs. Each animal is given a check up and updates on their health written down in records. Medication is administered to those who are prescribed. Throughout the day the animals receive constant care and enrichment, sometimes not ending with sunset and care will continue late into the night. Many of these animals are release candidates which need rehab work and exercise. Other animals in the clinic are orphaned babies in incubators, those with injuries or confiscated animals in quarantine for assessment. A day in the clinic is always an exciting and rewarding experience here at the Ranch.

Success Stories


Two-toed sloth

Milo was brought to the Ranch because his mother and him were very ill. Unfortunately, his mother passed away and Milo was left as an orphan. He was still suffering from a terrible cold and was unable to regulate his body temperature. Yet, through his sickness he grew stronger with the proper care. Today, he is our second oldest sloth on the Ranch!


Spider Monkey

Noelia was brought to the Ranch as an orphan. She was kept as a pet and the humans who kept her cut her tail off. She was so young that she had to be kept in an incubator and was on 2-hour care and feeding schedule. She was also infested with parasites and suffered several wounds (including her tail). Today, she is now growing and is good friends with Izzy, our other spider monkey.