The Breeding Program

The Toucan Rescue Ranch only breeds birds that can be released. For example, toucans that cannot be reintroduced back into the wild due to injuries or that are habituated to people for too long are candidates for the breeding program.  After a DNA test to determine gender, the toucans are paired and placed in one of our breeding enclosures. With the parents here to raise the babies, the offspring are able to be raised wild and not become familiar with humans. Once the bird has reached a mature juvenile stage, the toucan is moved to a pre-release enclosure where it learns to fly, eat natural foods it would find in the rainforest and learn about its predators.

With Emerald Toucanets we learned a lot about breeding: nest logs, diets, duration of babies in the nest and much more. We are applying what we learned to the other species such as the Chestnut-Mandibled, Collared Aracari and Keel-Billed toucan, where we will hopefully be successful in breeding for eventual release.

We also have an owl breeding program where Striped owls, Barn Owls, Pygmy owls and Mottled owls have bred.  Since these owls are from our area, they are trained and released at TRR headquarters. We have found that the releases have been tremendously successful and we are excited to be able to introduce native owls to our area.

Making National History

The Toucan Rescue Ranch is the first in Costa Rica and second in the world to successfully have captive-bred Emerald Toucanets! Due to this incredible feat, we have applied this knowledge to our other toucan species. We have found a gradual incline in breeding success at TRR.

We have been the first to have a captive-bred, parent raised Keel-Billed toucan. Additionally, we are seeing progress with our toucan pairs and they are beginning to mate and hatch babies. Stay connected with our newsletter for ongoing successes with our Breeding Program for release!

Toucan Rescue Ranch is constantly perfecting its toucan breeding program. In 2019, we had an exceptional breeding season and have hand-reared three keel-billed toucan chicks. All three of these healthy birds are integrated into a toucan release program where they will be taught foraging and hunting behaviors. As well as, gaining flight strength and adopting appropriate behaviors. Follow us on social media for #ToucanTuesdays to learn more!