Clinic & Wildlife Medicine

The Toucan Rescue Ranch has grown in our ability to take in sick and injured animals and provide in-house care and rehabilitation. In 2013 a small veterinary clinic was built at headquarters in San Isidro, Heredia, Costa Rica. Generous donations allowed TRR to supply the clinic with equipment and a wide range of medical supplies. Since then, the clinic has been in constant use since. Today, we are internationally recognized in wildlife medicine and work with orthopedic surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, and physical therapists who visit headquarters to perform these practices, as well as, work in collaboration with their premier clinic facilities.

At TRR every animal received undergoes a thorough health check, quarantine, and evaluation of what treatments are needed. An overall observation and/or surgery is performed if necessary for all patients. We have a full-time veterinarian supervisor that provides daily treatments and surgeries. The Toucan Rescue Ranch works with a handful of renowned veterinarians along with a professional Internship Program that invites newly graduated veterinarians, vet technicians, vet nurses, and other medical professions to learn about veterinary medicine.

The medical care we provide at TRR would not be possible without the generous donations of supporters.

Loop Abroad & Toucan Rescue Ranch Team Up!

Loop Abroad is a student travel organization that began with a singular mission: provide the best hands-on study abroad for students pursuing careers working with animals.

They've done this by partnering with world-renowned conservationists in their efforts to protect endangered animals. While its programs and geography have expanded, they remain committed to global animal welfare.

Loop Abroad's mission is to make a positive impact on animal welfare and marine and wildlife conservation around the world by partnering with responsible, local organizations to support them in their efforts while at the same time offering our students unprecedented opportunities for hands-on learning across all programs.

About the Online Veterinary Internship: 

During this internship, you’ll be joining us by video call. You’ll learn about important past cases from Dr. Janet Sandi and Dr. Ana Villada and observe our wildlife clinic live!

Dr. Sandi is the Animal Care Coordinator and has a broad exotics background including work at a sloth sanctuary, the Dallas aquarium, and private consulting with the zoo in San Jose, Costa Rica. Dr. Villada also has an international background. She graduated as a veterinarian in Mexico, studied Conservation Medicine in Australia, and is the vet supervisor of a diverse team of interns and vet medicine professionals.

Learn more by visiting or going to our Internship Page. 


Our Veterinarian Team

Janet Sandi Carmiol


As the Veterinarian Director, Janet is responsible for providing leadership for the hospital, managing associate veterinarians and assuring regulatory compliance relating to the practice of veterinary medicine.

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Santiago Garcia Dobles

As a Vet Supervisor, he shares the responsibility of keeping a record of all wildlife casualties and correlating said casualties to potential threats that local fauna face. As a part of the Medical Team, he assists in the diagnostic approach such as diagnostic imaging with X-rays and ultrasonography. As well as other diagnostic methods such as laboratory tests. He supports the team with surgical procedures and other therapeutical methods such as the use of regenerative medicine techniques, which include the use of tilapia skin and collagen. Santiago is in charge of the preventive medicine protocols implemented for the welfare of the animals in the sanctuary.

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Andrés Sáenz Bräutigam

Andrés Sáenz Bräutigam is one of the veterinarians for Toucan Rescue Ranch. He started as a volunteer in July of 2014 and worked for Toucan Rescue Ranch in a lot of areas such as being a tour guide, vet and animal husbandry intern, and Toucan Team coordinator. He has always had an interest in sloths but has developed a true passion for them since working at the rescue center.

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