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    Toffee, Male Two-Fingered Sloth Age: ~ 1-year, 9-months (slightly younger than Chai) Place of Origin: Cartago Current Weight: 1.4 kg Nicknames: Tito, Totoro Special Talents: Eating Level of Fluffiness: 10/10   Toffee is by far the fluffiest sloth at the ranch. One would imagine that he is the heaviest among the babies. It may appear so when you see him eating more than the other babies or racing them to get his share of milk before anyone else. But in reality, the hair only makes him appear as such. Once he is picked up to be fed or taken for a potty break, he is probably as heavy as Chispa. His extreme fluffiness makes him an adorable teddy sloth, but his dedicated caretakers must ignore the urge to cuddle with him. He is a release candidate and must be treated and trained to be a wild sloth alongside pals Chai and Chispa. Once Toffee becomes a wild adult sloth, his fluffiness power will be put to use to get sloth ladies and continue his legacy in the wild. Happy #SlothSunday! You can symbolically adopt sloths like Toffee by visiting our Adoption Program!   Article by intern Ana Maria Villada | Read more of these articles by subscribing to our newsletter! 

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