Santiago Garcia Dobles

Santiago Garcia Dobles is a veterinarian supervisor. His major is in Veterinary Medicine from Costa Rica National University. He started at Toucan Rescue Ranch as a local TCU volunteer. Soon after he was given the opportunity to work as an HQ Clinic Intern where he earned his major degree by writing the results of the internship focused on wildlife casualties, diagnostic approach, and therapeutic treatments. After finishing his internship, he worked alongside Dra. Janet Sandí, Toucan Rescue Ranch’s current Animal Care Coordinator, at different wildlife organizations as well as a backup for the vet staff at TRR.

As a Vet Supervisor, he shares the responsibility of keeping a record of all wildlife casualties and correlating said casualties to potential threats that local fauna face. As a part of the Medical Team, he assists in the diagnostic approach such as diagnostic imaging with X-rays and ultrasonography. As well as other diagnostic methods such as laboratory tests. He supports the team with surgical procedures and other therapeutical methods such as the use of regenerative medicine techniques, which include the use of tilapia skin and collagen. Santiago is in charge of the preventive medicine protocols implemented for the welfare of the animals in the sanctuary.