The Sloth Classroom Enclosure | Completed

The Toucan Rescue Ranch needs to build a new enclosure at our Release Site for our High School sloths! Join us this International Sloth Month and help us raise money for their classroom! This enclosure will serve as an in-between before they are graduated to the Sloth Pre-Release Enclosure! The classroom will be where they continued to reinforce behaviors such as: climbing, eating, sleeping in proper postures, eliminating caretaker contact and growing into a completely independent sloth. 

Sloths Called High Schoolers

The Sloth Institute and TRR have created a schooling system for the many rescued sloths. High schoolers are sloths that are ready to graduate to college - which is when they are slowly introduced back into the wild.

You Are Helping Sloths be Released

The sloths have outgrown their space at headquarters and need more space to forage and climb. This enclosure will be built at our Release Site. Which is 1-step closer to the wild.

Sloth Ironman Games

The Sloth Ironman Games is an enrichment game series to create incentive for people to donate toward our sloth conservation efforts. To participate click the DONATE button on this page!

The Sloth Classroom Enclosure

Essentially, we need another enclosure at the Release Site to reinforce the skills that they’ve learned in high school at headquarters such a climbing, eating, sleeping in proper postures, eliminating caretaker contact and growing into a completely independent sloth. This enclosure will be used as an “in-between” safe space for the juveniles before they graduate to the final stage before being released.  

What Dangers Sloths Face

Sloths are brought to the Toucan Rescue Ranch for various reasons. Common incidents include electrocution from powerlines, car accidents, dog attacks, and human encroachment such as deforestation and the illegal pet trade. Oftentimes, baby sloths suffer from injuries and the loss of their mother from said incidents. Sometimes babies are found abandoned by their mother for unknown reasons. This is when TRR steps in. We rescue these hurt sloths and give them a second shot at life with the goal of releasing them back into the wild once “graduated” from the rehabilitation and release program.

With TSI’s Help

TRR and The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica (TSI) teamed-up to help release more of TRR’s rescued and orphaned sloths. TSI is a research-based non-profit whose mission is to expand the scientific knowledge and education about sloths to enhance sloths’ well-being and assure their conservation. This collaboration has allowed the Toucan Rescue Ranch to expand our release efforts to more of the orphaned and rehabilitated juvenile sloths we receive.  The program will now encompass the necessary personnel, tools, research and procedures needed to successfully reintroduce many more sloths at our Release Site, an environment rich with sloth activity. TRR and TSI’s partnership has added to TRR’s existing release record of 30+ sloths and enables us to evaluate our current adult and orphaned sloths to help expand our sloth release efforts.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama once said, “Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures.” Life is precious and this lesson is taught to TRR every day when working with Costa Rica’s incredible wildlife.

At TRR our motto has always been to rescue, rehabilitate, love and liberate. We’ve now worked with sloths for a decade and what these animals have shown us is to be patient, relax, enjoy the little things and to never stop fighting even when all odds are against you.  We know these animals rejoice in happiness and fear pain, that they wish to live and not die – that they deserve the best life and that life is in the wild.

We strive to provide the best care possible. To rescue, rehabilitate and release the wildlife brought to us. Whether it is the entire rainforest or just one animal, all are valued equally. As a charitable non-profit organization, donations are inevitably a working part of the overall success of the Ranch and its ability to care for its animals.

Simply put: without your help, we cannot help them. We hope you celebrate with us this #InternationalSlothMonth (and beyond) to create a brighter tomorrow for these special animals.

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