TRR Share Your Shot Fundraiser | Completed

#TRRShareYourShot Contest

The 1st Annual TRR Share Your Shot photo contest is an international photography contest. The contest is open to ALL ages and has one simple entry qualification: photos must be themed “ANIMALS AND WILDLIFE.” Any and all photos will be accepted that follow this theme. The inspiration behind this contest is to get outside, get creative, and to give everyone a chance to show off their talent while helping a great cause!

For submitting donations and more information please visit the campaign homepage at!

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Jerry is brothers to Frank. He was born this past breeding season at the Toucan Rescue Ranch from a captive breeding program. The aim for this program is to release offspring like me - so I can help declining numbers of wild Keel-Billed toucans!


Frank is Jerry's best friend and brother. He was born in an incubator like Frank. He is growing big and strong and excited for his training to be released back in the trees. His hope is that people who participate in the fundraiser help him and other toucans like him with a pre-release enclosure!


Chicle was born after Jerry in Frank. He was incubated and raised as an only child. He is a few weeks younger, by the same mom and dad. He is growing handomsely and flying, hopping, and eating completely on his own. Everyone at Toucan Rescue Ranch knows he is very excited to be a wild and free toucan - but still needs that pre-release enclosure before he can be safely released #backinthetrees!

The Inspiration for this Campaign

The Toucan Rescue Ranch is experiencing an exceptional breeding season! Many TRR supporters have been following the progress of our three baby toucans – Jerry, Frank, and Chicle, who have been hand-raised since hatching and are growing up healthy and strong!

With new know-how and resources, TRR is excited to build a new and improved enclosure best fitted for toucan release!

These toucans need this enclosure to help them develop healthy behaviors in a natural environment with proper enrichment, food, and climate. This enclosure is going to be located within the rainforest at our Release Site in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica and will be a critical step in their release because it will be their last ‘home’ before becoming WILD! Equally as important, the life of this new enclosure will extend far beyond the release of these three toucans. As TRR’s resident toucans continue to breed, this enclosure will support many captive-bred and released toucan generations to come!

Why we Need your Help

The Toucan Rescue Ranch does not receive ANY funding from the government. As a non-profit, we thrive solely on donations from people like you. You are important to us and especially important to all the animals at TRR!


Contest Rules:

  1. You may only submit one (1) photo.
  2. The submission period ends on August 14 at 11:59 pm COSTA RICA TIME.
  3. The photo submission must be ANIMALS AND WILDLIFE themed.
  4. A parent may submit a photo on behalf of a minor as long as all required information is provided.
  5. Only photos submitted through email will be eligible for the winning prizes!
  6. There will be two age groups for this contest:
    • Juniors: Ages 17 and under (minors)
    • Adults: Ages 18+
  7.  $1 donated = 1 vote toward a photo- to vote for a submission, dedicate in the check-out process. A step-by-step video on how to dedicate your vote can be found at the bottom of this page.
  8. The photo in each category that receives the most votes by the end of the voting period (August 27th 11:59 pm Costa Rican Time) is the winner!

How to Enter:

  1. Photos should be attached in an email to [email protected] with the following information:
    1. Name of Photographer
    2. Age of Photographer
    3. Title of Photo
    4. Location of where the photo was taken
    5. What was used to take the photo (digital camera, phone, DSLR, etc.)
    6. Social Media handle (@yourusername) for Instagram / Facebook.

    Information that is highly recommended (but not required) to include is:

    1. The inspiration of the photo (love for animals, favorite animal, conservation, etc.)

    ? Submissions end Friday, August 14 at midnight CST!

If there are any questions left, send us an e-mail to [email protected]!

#TRRShareYourShot Winners:

Winners will be announced on August 29, 2019. TRR will contact the winners on the 29th by email to notify you and gather information for your prize! Contact [email protected] or post in the comments below for any questions or concerns!

TRR will regularly keep track of points and post them in MightyCause UPDATE feature. We will also post photos on our social media every Tuesday & Thursday, so be on the lookout for your photo on TRR Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! ?

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