Alejandra Zumbado Salas


Alejandra is a zootechnical engineer who graduated from the University of Costa Rica. She graduated in 2021 with a thesis focusing on the effect of different levels of feed substitution balanced by a Californian red worm (Eisenia fetida), on zootechnical parameters and chemical composition of the tissue in the initial stages of blue tilapia (Orechromis aureus).

Alejandra earned a bachelor’s degree in the topic of nutrition of wildlife in La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park, and that experience taught her that her goal in life is to work with wild animals. Likewise, in 2019, she received an animal facility management certification. She’s volunteered in Refugio Romelia, near Montezuma beach, and worked there with the turtles that arrived in November of 2020.

At Toucan Rescue Ranch she started as a tour guide in 2022. She loves TRR because she fell in love with its mission. Having the opportunity to teach people, not only from Costa Rica but all around the world, about wildlife and why people should care for them is something important to her. Her goal is not only to keep educating, but help with the animal nutrition, check on their diets, and help as much as she can with the knowledge on those topics with the animals in the sanctuary and the new arrivals.