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Everything you need to know about the 2nd Annual #TRRShareYourShot Photography Contest

The entire month of June will be dedicated to our 2nd Annual #trrshareyourshot where you can share your wildlife photography with the Toucan Rescue Ranch with a chance to take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in both the adult and junior photographers categories. The winners will receive unforgettable prizes including an overnight stay in Costa Rica and the opportunity to visit our ranch!

Every vote for your image will raise $1 for our fundraising expenses. The top 3 photos in each category with the most votes (donations dedicated to it) will place in our contest, so every vote matters!

Join our second annual photography contest and support our mission today!


Official Submission Rules:

  1. Photographers must only enter photos that belong to themselves.
  2. You may only submit one (1) photo.
  3. Images must be animals and wildlife.
  4. All entrants must:
    • Submit their image to [email protected]
    • OPTIONAL – Share your social media handle (@yourusername) for IG/FB
    • OPTIONAL – Follow and tag @toucanrescueranch

Required Information for email Photo Submission:

  1. Title of Photo
  2. Name of Photographer
  3. Age of Photographer (minor or adult)
  4. Location photo was taken
  5. What was used (digital camera, phone, DSLR, etc.)
  6. Instagram username – if applicable
  7. Inspiration of shot

A parent may enter a minor’s photo through their social account as long as all required information is provided.

*No selfies or wildlife pets. Animals must be in a natural or sanctuary environment

Be on the lookout for your submission as we will post all accepted entries on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

$1 = 1 vote toward a photo

To vote for a submission, dedicate your donation to a specific photo and artist at checkout. A step-by-step video on how to dedicate your vote can be found at the bottom of this page.

STEP 1: Click the green DONATE button
STEP 2: Enter donation amount, remember $1 = 1 VOTE
STEP 3: Type the TITLE of the photo and NAME OF PHOTOGRAPHER
STEP 4: Enter payment info and you are all done!

Remember, you can view the UPDATES section of the MightyCause Fundraising page for all of the photography submissions (at the top of the page) and if you want to check out who is winning be sure to see our rankings spreadsheet, just CLICK RIGHT HERE!


At the Toucan Rescue Ranch, our number one priority is keeping our staff, visitors, and most of all, our wildlife safe. We also want our sanctuary to be inclusive for everyone, no matter their needs which is why we are raising money to construct a new security gate and resting spots within our sanctuary.

The funds raised from this photography competition will be used to purchase and construct a security gate, security camera, new locks for enclosures, and 4 new benches for seating among our educational walks.

It is important to us that our guests have the best experience at our facility while learning about wildlife conservation and that involves having resting spots, especially for those who are of old age or have disabilities.

In addition to resting spots, enhancing security at TRR is long overdue. The desire to secure a formal lock system and a practical gate is a constant among our team – all we need are the funds!

Without the safety and security of our rehabilitating and sanctuary animals, the Toucan Rescue Ranch could not be sustainable.


To vote for a submission, dedicate your donation to a specific photo and artist at checkout. Watch this step-by-step video on how to dedicate your vote!

Please keep in mind that all donations must be made through the official Mighty Cause Fundraising page!

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