Charitee | The Toucan Collection


Toucan Rescue Ranch and Charitee have teamed up to do a TOUCAN COLLECTION. All purchases benefit Toucan Rescue Ranch and all that it does for rescued wildlife in Costa Rica!


Charity Partner l Toucan Collection

…started in September 2019 as a small project with a big goal.

Charitee is a team of enthusiastic fans of purposeful apparel, they wanted to create their own line that would benefit organizations committed to a good cause. People like shopping, talking about what they are wearing…so why not make a statement with clothes, home goods, and accessories? Charitee’s graphics are designed to stand out and thus start conversations about the idea behind it. This way, they are not just supporting charities but also spreading the word about them and the work they do. And if you decide to purchase something from their collections, you can do the same.

100% of all the profits we receive is donated to charity partners like Toucan Rescue Ranch! Therefore, they finance their costs from their own money and do all of this in their free time.



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