Symbolic Parrot Oasis: Taz Devil


The Toucan Rescue Ranch rescues dozens of parrots every year. Nearly all of them are confiscated from people’s homes as illegal pets. In Costa Rica, it is illegal to own any native wildlife as a pet. Traditionally, Costa Rican families have kept these animals in their homes which has caused a huge unreleasable permanent resident population for rescue centers like Toucan Rescue Ranch.


By symbolically adopting a retired parrot from #ParrotOasis Retirement Home, you will be directly helping with the species’ ongoing food and care. With your donation, you will receive an ADOPTION CERTIFICATE and thank you email with your tax-deductible information. The Parrot Oasis Adoption pays for your adopted species costs for roughly 1-month!

Taz Devil: Taz is known for his viciousness and being an evil-tempered brute. You can always find him devouring everything in sight, including trees, shrubs, and wood in the enclosure.

Taz Devil Fun Facts (Included in the Adoption Package):

  • Fun traits: cyclone wheels/legs and an energetic personality
  • Taz is 9 years old

Interesting Yellow-Naped Parrot Facts (Included in the Adoption Package):

  • Longevity: They reach maturity at 2 years old
  • Behavior: They are monogamous and make strong lifelong pair bonds.
  • Species: They are one of the three species of Amazon parrots found in Costa Rica

What’s included in your downloadable adoption package:

  • Certificate of Adoption – for you to print and fill out!
  • Bookmarks featuring your chosen species
  • Information Sheet on your chosen species
  • Desktop Backgrounds
  • Toucan Rescue Ranch Screensaver

This package is available to download upon completion at the checkout.

We do not physically sell or adopt out any of the rescued wildlife in Toucan Rescue Ranch’s care. Our Adoption Program is purely symbolic and a unique way for supporters to donate to our mission and their favorite animal.
In Costa Rica, it is illegal to sell or own any native fauna. As a licensed rescue center, it is our duty to uphold the law and what it stands for. As well as being illegal in the country of Costa Rica, it is a core part of TRR’s mission to protect wildlife from the illegal pet trade – as this is something we combat every day. ADOPTION DONATIONS ARE NONREFUNDABLE.


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