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  • Sloth Loses His Hand After He Gets Caught In Barbed Wire 

    You can help Randy through his recovery and rewilding journey by donating now. We rescued Randy after one of our vet supervisors was contacted through social media about a sloth trapped on barbed wire. This poor sloth was in real trouble and had his hand severely wounded. So, we gathered our team and went to […]

  • Sloth Has Her Arm Amputated and Loses Her Baby to a Terrible Electrocution

    Rihanna’s story is another example of how dreadful electrocution can be to sloths. She was rescued in Aguas Zarcas, San Carlos, after she suffered from electrocution. When she arrived at our clinic, our vet team decided it was better to amputate one of her arms due to being severely burned. When we receive female sloths, it […]

  • Baby Howler Monkey Recovers from Dog Attack

    Loki is a baby howler monkey that is in a delicate state. This baby was rescued after his mom was attacked by a dog and, sadly, passed away. He arrived at our rescue center covered in dirt, very weak, and dehydrated. He had a nosebleed and showed signs of head trauma. Upon arrival, he presented nystagmus […]

  • A Day to Celebrate Wildlife – Happy World Wildlife Day!

    March 3 is World Wildlife Day. It’s the day we commemorate this amazing planet’s wide variety of fauna and flora and its importance. And, of course, as an organization that focuses on wildlife, we want to celebrate it big! But why? We believe the importance of this day is established by the opportunity to raise awareness […]

  • What it is like to be a volunteer at Toucan Rescue Ranch?

    There’s one thing everyone from the Toucan Rescue Ranch Team has in common: we all started as volunteers.  The first day is always the same when joining TRR as a volunteer, intern, or staff member. You will join what we call the Toucan Team and participate in the daily tasks that the volunteers do to […]

  • Rewilding with Love Valentine’s Day Adoption Packages!

    Valentine’s is a perfect time of year to celebrate love and show your loved ones how much you care about them. There are different ways you can express your care and feelings for someone, and what about showing it by supporting wildlife simultaneously? Leading up to Valentine’s Day, people around the globe spend the day […]