• The 4th Annual Sloth Ironman Games starts October 20!

    It’s the 4th Annual Sloth Ironman Games at the one and only Toucan Rescue Ranch! This year, the Sloth Athlete Reveal will announce the four well-trained slothletes on International Sloth Day, October 20, which also happens to be a #SlothSunday!

  • Everything You Need to Know about the TRR Share Your Shot Fundraiser

    …The goal of this fundraiser is to firstly, raise the money needed to build these toucans the enclosure they deserve and to continue to support our toucan breeding program in years to come. Secondly, to inspire photographers around the world to share their love of animals and wildlife with us!

  • Cría de Bebés

    La Neonatología veterinaria o Cría de bebés de manera artificial, es un área de la veterinaria que exige muchísima dedicación y responsabilidad, dónde más que conocimientos clínicos y veterinarios, es importante tener mucho amor, cariño, paciencia y cuidados hacia los bebés…

  • Happy World Cat Day

    Happy World Cat Day! Today, August 8th, we celebrate one of the four days that is dedicated to cats every year – four days to celebrate their many unique qualities, similarities, and differences, and to recognize their importance in the animal kingdom…