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  • 10 tips and tricks to power up your nonprofit’s social media strategy from a conservation media expert!

    Are you looking for the right approach for your conservation project? And the best way to engage with like-minded people who believe in your cause? Getting the most of social media to have a successful non-profit? You’ve come to the right place!

  • Wildlife Catalog: Tayra

    Tayras are the biggest species of Central American mustelid and they’re an animal of many names. Their genus name, Eira, is derived from the indigenous name for tayras in Perú and Bolivia, while their species name derives from Greek, meaning strange or foreign. Tayras are also known as “high woods dogs” in Trinidad, “tolomuco” throughout Central America and, interestingly enough, as “viejo de monte” or “old man of the woods” in Yucatan and Central America. This last name derives from the fact that tayras, like all mustelids, walk on their whole foot instead of just walking on their toes, like cats and dogs. This curious manner of walking makes tayra footprints relatively similar to human prints, except smaller in size. This, along with the fact that older Tayras acquire a white mane of hair around their heads, makes them appear as old men of the forest.

  • Today is Selfie Day – Here is why you should say NO to wildlife selfies

    “It’s just a picture, what is the big deal?” “But animals are cute, and if I’m a rescue center, they know what they’re doing!” “Why? The animal looks very happy and cute!” These are some of the thoughts that you might think of when you read the title of this post. And we understand why you think this! But today, we want to enlighten you about why animal selfies, specifically wildlife selfies, are a bad thing, and why they are illegal in Costa Rica.

  • Nature Photography Day 2021: #TRRShareYourShot Wildlife Photography Contest

    This Nature Photography Day, Toucan Rescue Ranch is celebrating big with our 2nd Annual #TRRShareYourShot Wildlife Photography Competition: Wild for Wildlife!

  • Kidz Korner: Tristan, Future Veterinarian, Forever Sloth Fan & Advocate

    We would like to give a warm welcome to Tristan Simpson! He is a new contributor to the Kidz Korner column of Toucan Rescue Ranch’s blog! Tristen, like Sylvie, is one big sloth fan. One look at his room and you can tell, he’s here to protect, educate, and make you fall in love with sloths!

  • Everything you need to know about the 2nd Annual #TRRShareYourShot Photography Contest

    The entire month of June will be dedicated to our 2nd Annual #trrshareyourshot where you can share your wildlife photography with the Toucan Rescue Ranch with a chance to take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in both the adult and junior photographers categories. The winners will receive unforgettable prizes including an overnight stay in Costa Rica and the opportunity to visit our ranch!

  • Kidz Korner: Sylvie Raises Money with Bracelets

    First, my mom and I went to the bead store. We bought all kinds of different beads and looked up how to make easy bracelets. Next, we made all kinds of bracelets in different sizes and styles. After that, we set up a stand at a nearby park. Next weekend we are selling them outside a coffee shop. I hope I sell lots of bracelets! When I’m done I want to symbolically adopt a sloth!

  • Orphaned Kinkajou Found Alone, Only A Few Days Old

    Meet Manuka, a sweet rescued baby kinkajou! He arrived at our Release Site on March 1, 2021, after being found alone on the ground. This was strange as he was a newborn, the umbilical cord still attached. By the looks of it, he probably fell from the tree and wasn’t picked back up by mom.

  • Global Biodiversity Festival to be held online from 20 to 23 May

    More than 140 scientists, field workers, conservation leaders, policymakers, economists, explorers, and filmmakers, from over 50 countries and all seven continents, will share stories, challenges, and innovative solutions online at the Global Biodiversity Festival, from 21 to 23 May.