Toucan Rescue Ranch Blog

  • Celebrate with Toucan Rescue Ranch for Giving Tuesday!

    #GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement that’s unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. Whether you’re giving your voice, your time, goods, or your money, helping others, or working for the causes you care about, generosity is one of the most powerful ways you can have an impact in the world.

  • 10 Reasons to Visit a Wildlife Sanctuary Instead of a Normal Zoo

    We understand that when it comes to wildlife, you want to see animals up close that you would otherwise hardly get the chance to see in the wild. And so, the idea of going to a normal zoo sounds like a no-brainer. Nonetheless, we want to present to you why it might be more fun, interesting, and life-changing to join an educational tour with nonprofits like Toucan Rescue Ranch instead of a normal zoo.

  • Our Grand Reopening!

    As we all know, COVID-19 has temporarily closed a lot of centers and activities as a precautionary measure. Toucan Rescue Ranch was one of them. After 8 long months closed to the public, we’re glad to announce that starting Saturday the 14th of November we’ll be reopening our doors with a 30% discount!

  • The 5th Annual Sloth Ironman Games!

    We’re back with our staple event for International Sloth month, the fifth anniversary of the Sloth Ironman Games starting October 20 on International Sloth Day! All sloth everything. Poetic, right? We agree.

  • Join us for an Online Charity Auction!

    Join the Toucan Rescue Ranch for an exciting online auction starting September 29! This online auction will be live until October 12. All money raised from this event will benefit the nonprofit organization’s relief fund in response to these uncertain times.

  • Toucan Rescue Ranch teams up with CUDDLY

    Toucan Rescue Ranch has teamed up with CUDDLY because it is a community of animal lovers focused on helping animal organizations. We are also thrilled to be one of their FIRST WILDLIFE RESCUE CENTERS! They have a wonderful crowdfunding platform that is specifically focused on animal rescue. With 2,000+ animal welfare organizations on board, they know what they’re doing!

  • Internship Program Suspended until 2021

    Sadly, TRR has lost over 50% of its operating income. This has forced us to suspend our Internship Program to cut costs. These cuts are to ensure we survive into the new year. As a part of your internship, you are provided housing and food. At this time, we cannot afford these added costs until ecotourism returns to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. Consequently, we are suspending our Internship Program until 2021.

  • A Letter to our Supporters

    …It is an uncertain and difficult time, with lockdowns and the pandemic, social unrest, and an economic downturn. There have been a lot of changes for us at Toucan Rescue Ranch as well. Fortunately, Costa Rica has not been as affected by the virus, although numbers are increasing, it is nothing like other countries…

  • DIY Conservation Projects for Kids & Garden

    Toucan Rescue Ranch is a non-profit organization that focuses on rehabilitation, rescue and release of Costa Rican wildlife. Although wildlife rehab is our main goal we also focus on conservation and environmental education. Here are some ideas we have compiled for you and your kids to do in your home and help the environment!