Toucan Rescue Ranch Blog

  • 2021 International Day of Forests

    In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 21st as the International Day of Forests to celebrate and bring awareness to forests of all types. Today, we acknowledge the lack thereof and together, focus on reforestation for the well-being of not only the Earth but of current and future generations. The theme for 2021 is “Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being”…

  • Deformed & Kept As Illegal Pet, Then Abandoned

    As you can see, Scooter was born with a malformation on both his legs. We believe that – once his owner realized Scooter was not going to get better – he left him. thought he wasn’t worth saving and left him forever, to be someone else’s problem…

  • Kidz Korner with Sylvie a Future Sloth Conservationist!

    We all know kids are the future and Toucan Rescue Ranch wants to give a special space for aspiring young conservationists! As a part of Toucan Rescue Ranch’s mission, we focus on environmental education to promise a brighter tomorrow for our wild and natural world. Education is a vital component to creating systematic and substantial change in today’s ever-changing world. So, who when teaching the world about the importance of wildlife, who do we mainly want to talk to? Kids, of course!

  • The Story of Chucky: Preserving wildlife together on this World Wildlife Day

    Today is World Wildlife Day, and to celebrate, we want to talk about a very special rescue story. A story that reminds us why wildlife is so important, and why we should always care…

  • National Wildlife Day: Protecting the beauty that surrounds us

    Our need to preserve wildlife and its ecosystems has always been pressing, and since 2020, this has never been more true. Across the globe, in different ways and with different protocols, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted how we manage our day-to-day lives. With lockdowns in place, we had to learn how to rely on practices that were often overlooked before. For many of us, returning to nature was one of the most valuable ones…

  • A Unique Type of Muffin for International Muffin Day!

    Muffin is an orphaned three-fingered sloth who was found roadside, cold and alone, after being hit by a car. Upon arrival at Toucan Rescue Ranch, he was unresponsive, and we were unsure if he would survive.

  • Millie the Sloth’s Fundraiser

    As implied by their name, TRR was initially established as a rescue center for toucans and other birds. But the second Millie arrived, rescuers knew: Their mission was evolving. Since opening their doors in 2004, the need for help has only become more prevalent amongst several of Costa Rica’s native species, with an alarming rise in the number of abused and injured sloths.

  • Spud & Tater, two orphaned porcupines

    Since arriving at Toucan Rescue Ranch, these lil’ baby Hairy Mexican Porcupines have become the best of friends. But they haven’t always had each other. Both babies were found as orphans, roughly around the same age. Spud, spotted on the ground near the westside of the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose; Tater, discovered at the base of a tree.

  • 2020 – A Year in Review

    Determination – a noun that kept Toucan Rescue Ranch going throughout 2020. A concept that I used time and time again when the height of the pandemic made everything feel uncertain…