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  • Kidz Korner: Sylvie Raises Money with Bracelets

    First, my mom and I went to the bead store. We bought all kinds of different beads and looked up how to make easy bracelets. Next, we made all kinds of bracelets in different sizes and styles. After that, we set up a stand at a nearby park. Next weekend we are selling them outside a coffee shop. I hope I sell lots of bracelets! When I’m done I want to symbolically adopt a sloth!

  • Orphaned Kinkajou Found Alone, Only A Few Days Old

    Meet Manuka, a sweet rescued baby kinkajou! He arrived at our Release Site on March 1, 2021, after being found alone on the ground. This was strange as he was a newborn, the umbilical cord still attached. By the looks of it, he probably fell from the tree and wasn’t picked back up by mom.

  • Global Biodiversity Festival to be held online from 20 to 23 May

    More than 140 scientists, field workers, conservation leaders, policymakers, economists, explorers, and filmmakers, from over 50 countries and all seven continents, will share stories, challenges, and innovative solutions online at the Global Biodiversity Festival, from 21 to 23 May.

  • 5 ways volunteering contributes to your mental health

    This year, the focus of Mental Health Week is nature. Why? We believe that, especially after this year, we can all understand the reason. If we didn’t before, we now appreciate nature more than ever since the pandemic hit earlier last year.

    After lockdowns, closing of businesses, curfews, and all together separation of our normal lives, many of us took to the outdoors and daily walks outside for comfort…

  • Your perfect guide for a WILD’s Mother’s Day gift

    We are done with those boring Mother Day gifts – mom does not need a new set of glasses or a new bookmark – and don’t even get me started with those home appliances! All these are gifts of the past. Mom is adventurous, caring, committed to the environment. She loves to learn about conservation, to support nonprofits, and most of all, she loves sloths!

  • Behind the Cage: Illegal bird trade in Costa Rica

    Growing up in Costa Rica, it was very common to know of someone who had a pet bird. Maybe a small songbird, but sometimes even a macaw or a parrot. It was so common you could argue these species didn’t even feel exotic. But that was then, right? People don’t still do that, right? They know this is illegal, right?

  • Baby Gray Fox Found Abandoned On Road

    Everyone, please give a warm welcome to this itty-bitty baby Gray Fox, Robin Hood!

    Robin arrived a couple of weeks ago after being found in Guadalupe, San Jose, by a Good Samaritan who was running outside. Since he was alone with no mama, she decided to rescue him and bring him to those at Toucan Rescue Ranch!

  • Earth Day 2021: Creating a Sustainable Future

    At Toucan Rescue Ranch, we encourage you to spend time outdoors this Earth Day! Begin doing things that will positively impact the future of our planet and everything it is home to. Every choice we make as individuals does make a greater impact as a whole. It is time to start thinking about Earth, so we can call it home for many more years to come.

    25% off promotion on all tours! Only good during Earth Week April 19 – April 26.

  • Kidz Korner: Conservation Kid, Sylvie, Visits French Glen, Oregon!

    Over spring break, I went to French Glen, Oregon. French Glen is located on a national wildlife refuge in far South Eastern Oregon and is part of a high desert. The area is protected because birds from all over travel there. There are really cool birds like cranes, herons, swans, and geese. The area also has yellow marmots, big horned sheep, bears, coyotes, and more!